Emily's Story

Delegate Emily Brewer is a fighter for the values and principles of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  As a conservative, Emily fights for a more limited government, fiscal responsibility, and to protect your rights and liberties.


A Lifetime in Western Tidewater

Emily Brewer understands the concerns of families in Western Tidewater because she has spent a lifetime in the region.

She has a heart for community service and helping others. Emily spends time across the region as a board member of Suffolk Business Women who work to raise money across the region for various charities and community organizations. As a board member for the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation Board, Emily has worked across the region to bring better education opportunities to the next generation of leaders.

First elected to the 64th District in the House of Delegates in November of 2017, Emily represents parts of Isle of Wight, Franklin City, Southampton, Surry, Sussex, Suffolk City, and Prince George. She currently serves on the House Finance Committee, House Militia Police & Public Safety Committee, and the House Science & Technology Committee.

As a member of the House, Emily also serves on several state boards and commissions comprised of legislators and citizen members. She was appointed by the Speaker to serve on the Broadband Advisory Council, which recommends broadband projects and funding priorities to the General Assembly. She also serves on the Commission on Youth, Disability Commission, and the Forensic Science Board.

Attracting New Jobs To The Region

Emily is a small business owner. She started her career training first responders, law enforcement, and public safety officials. Moving on to start her own marketing firm before starting her brick and mortar business.  She now owns and operates a small wine and craft beer shop in Suffolk.

Emily serves a founding member of the Virginia Future Caucus, whose goal it is to craft legislative solutions to the problems facing the next generation in Virginia. She has worked to keep taxes low and voted in her first term she voted to pass the second largest tax cut in Virginia history.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce named Emily their "2018 Freshman Legislator of the Year" for her work in fostering a pro-business economy across the Commonwealth. Emily will continue to be a strong advocate for our job creators; supporting pro-small business policies and removing government barriers to create high paying jobs.

Emily is committed to advancing policies that reflect the priorities of the Sixty-Fourth District.

Preserving Conservative Values

Emily Brewer has worked tirelessly to protect the values that our families hold so dear. As a member of the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, Emily has been a staunch defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. She is a member of the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Citizens Defense League. In Richmond, she will always fight against bringing California style gun control proposals to Virginia.

As a child of adoption, Emily has made encouraging adoption over abortion and improving Virginia's adoption and foster care system her top priority. She has been a strong voice in the fight to protect the sanctity of life. View Emily's 2019 press conference on Governor Northam's comments surrounding partial birth abortions and her personal adoption story by clicking here.

Emily voted against expanding the failed Obamacare system and, in Richmond, she will continue to be a strong advocate for limited government. She has supported healthcare reforms that offer more options to patients through the free market and actually make healthcare more affordable, like association health plans for farmers and small businesses and catastrophic health plans for the next generation. In Richmond, she will continue to be a strong advocate for limited government

Whether it is finding a safe home for victims of domestic abuse, visiting with veterans who need help at the local VA, or meeting the employees of a local small business, Emily is energized and ready to serve you. 

As your representative in the House of Delegates, Emily strives to protect the values, principles, and ideals important to the Sixty-Fourth District of Virginia.