The 64th District has always been home. Emily grew up here, Emily went to school here, and Emily has owned businesses here. We need to make sure we are preserving the principles and values we hold so dear to keep them in tact for future generations.


As a member of the House Finance Committee, Emily fights to keep taxes low and has worked towards meaningful and effective tax reform in the Commonwealth. In 2018 alone, Emily helped defeat over $770 million in tax increases. We cannot ignore how burdensome, excessive taxation has injured the small business climate.


A lot of times we, as Republicans, talk about being pro-life, but don’t offer real solutions. Being pro-life doesn’t end at Day 1 and we need to work towards making sure we address real-life issues with common sense solutions. As a Delegate and as a member of the Commission on Youth, Emily has worked tirelessly to reform the adoption and foster care system by streamlining the process and making it easier for families to provide children with a loving home.


Agriculture has always been the staple of our region. In Richmond, Emily has worked to create the best possible environment for agri-business by cutting unnecessary regulations that are harming small farms and helped to give them the opportunity to compete in today's economy.


While serving on the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation Board, Emily has seen the need to make vocational, trade, and career and technical education opportunities more available. In the General Assembly, she has worked to bring these same educational opportunities to K-12 schools. As a founding member of the VA Future Caucus, Emily and other legislators, from both parties, have banded together to tackle issues facing the next generation, like lowering tuition costs and broadband access for Virginians.

Jobs and the Economy

Emily will continue to work to reign in government overreach by cutting unnecessary red tape and getting government out of the way. In 2018 Emily received a 100 A+ rating with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and was named their Freshman Legislator of the Year. Emily has worked to limit unrestrained tax policies and overreaching regulations that are like death by a thousand paper cuts for even the most successful businesses.

Broadband Access

Emily was appointed in 2018 to serve on the Broadband Advisory Council (BAC) which helps determine the Commonwealth's goals for broadband and how to best achieve them. She has worked to ensure that if taxpayer dollars are used, they are used to provide broadband to people who don't already have access, instead of additional developments on private networks. She has also worked to ensure that homes in unserved or underserved areas are the first to be considered in future state projects.


One of the reasons Emily decided to run for Delegate is because, all too often, politicians hide away in an ivory tower. Emily has opened an office in Smithfield for appointments and holds roaming office hours in each of the 7 localities for constituents to visit and voice their concerns. Emily believes in a government of the people and will work hard to represent the people not special interests, lobbyists, or party agendas.